Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Football, Football, Football

With the start of the NFL season, most of the headlines in sports this week have been centered around this sport. And yes, a lot of the programs on various networks replay over and over. The story might not change but perhaps the reports angle is different than the previous one we watched.

You are probably wondering why men need to watch the same thing over and over. Think of it like this.....women watch their favorite sappy movie a million times when it is shown in "marathon" form on television. This is similar.
1. This information is needed for fantasy football picks. (You can't pick Michael Vick or Brett Favre for your team if you don't know if they will be playing or not, never mind what shape they are in. Does anyone know how T.O's toe is doing?)

2. If we win one or more of the fantasy leagues we are in we could be paid out big time. like your nice dinner and shoes don't you?

3. We live vicariously through these athletes. Brett Favre is 40. Who know at 40 if I will still be able to run for 5 minutes without losing my breathe.

4. The rivalries.......the story lines..... This is a men's version of a soap opera. For example, the last team Michael Vick played against almost two years ago was the Philadelphia Eagles.....he return to football and is signed by them. If you live in Wisconsin you can not be a Vikings fan. Brett Fave did the almost unthinkable, signed a 2-year deal with the Vikings.
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5. Role models, respect and rite of passage...We will save this for the next blog. It opens up a can of worms and if you aren't sure what I mean, you will just have to check back soon!

Shhh! know the next topic.


  1. This is such a fun blog; I hope you continue it! I learned about sports when I got married, and I also found out if I want my boys to hear me, I need to wait for a commercial. :)

  2. Thanks Becky....I might. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks for a good class.