Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Football, Football, Football

With the start of the NFL season, most of the headlines in sports this week have been centered around this sport. And yes, a lot of the programs on various networks replay over and over. The story might not change but perhaps the reports angle is different than the previous one we watched.

You are probably wondering why men need to watch the same thing over and over. Think of it like this.....women watch their favorite sappy movie a million times when it is shown in "marathon" form on television. This is similar.
1. This information is needed for fantasy football picks. (You can't pick Michael Vick or Brett Favre for your team if you don't know if they will be playing or not, never mind what shape they are in. Does anyone know how T.O's toe is doing?)

2. If we win one or more of the fantasy leagues we are in we could be paid out big time. like your nice dinner and shoes don't you?

3. We live vicariously through these athletes. Brett Favre is 40. Who know at 40 if I will still be able to run for 5 minutes without losing my breathe.

4. The rivalries.......the story lines..... This is a men's version of a soap opera. For example, the last team Michael Vick played against almost two years ago was the Philadelphia Eagles.....he return to football and is signed by them. If you live in Wisconsin you can not be a Vikings fan. Brett Fave did the almost unthinkable, signed a 2-year deal with the Vikings.
To see my previous post on Rivalies

5. Role models, respect and rite of passage...We will save this for the next blog. It opens up a can of worms and if you aren't sure what I mean, you will just have to check back soon!

Shhh! know the next topic.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

T-minus 21 days (23 if Saturday matters most)

Here is your warning! Do not, I repeat DO NOT plan any honey do's, weddings, engagements, births, vacations (out of country) for September 5!

Why......we might not be in college anymore but we will ALWAYS be a college football fan! Why is this, it is a tradition. Yes we will watch schools we did not attend. Why, our father, brother, sister's boyfriend's best friends twice removed cousin attended and was in the matching band.

A few years ago I planned a vacation to Italy. Didn't look at the calendar (was more concerned with how many vaca days I was taking) and ended up being in a remote town the first weekend of the season. No TV, no internet but luckily received score updates via blackberry from a Michigan fan. As a Notre Dame fan, it was great that they lost to a Division IAA school.

Seriously, every game matters! Lose one in college football and no chance at a championship (we don't have playoffs and that is blog for another day). Every game impacts the Heisman trophy race, your draft possibilities and if your donors are happy or not.

What to plan:

1. A relaxing day on the couch

2. Friends and family watching TV (ESPN, CBS, ESPN2, NBC, ABC, Fox Sports, Versus - are the only channels allowed) from 9am PST - bedtime

3. Go to Costco the Friday before and get food, beer, throast losangers for Sunday and Motrin for the headache if your team loses.

Not sure when your team is playing...check out ESPN for all schedule information.

The rankings. If you want to see all the poll results visit ESPN

Shhh! An explanation of the BCS process it next. Please make sure you obtain your PHd in math prior to the next post.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fine or FINEABLE ?

Social media and sports has now lead to an additional way for us to follow our favorite teams, players and get breaking news before the media some times. However the leagues and teams are now setting rules as to how they and players can utilize this medium.

Today, San Diego Chargers player, Antonio Cromartie was fined $2,500 for tweeting about the food they received. Good luck P.R. departments.....your world has official changed. But is there a larger issue........freedom of speech, freedom of the press? Can contracts, labor negotiations and common sense keep up with technology??

I guess I wonder who is right and who is wrong?

Sssh! Women and men be careful what you tweet, it could be used in the future.


Celebrity scandals might be all the rage for women and for some guys it is too but what is going on in MLB right now is one of the biggest scandals ever. Why does it matter that 130 players were named in a banner substance abuse report from 2003?

Not only will it effect the way this sport is viewed by fans, it can have potential impact on players future Hall of Fame status, market value and the record books. When Roger Maris hit 61 homerun in 1961 to break Babe Ruth's single season home run record it was * in the record books. Why because he has more regular season games to accomplish this feat in.

So what does the latest questions due to this list of players means a lot. It means people cheated. They are not who they said they were and the put toxic into America's past time. The list needs to be released. Below is an interview with one of the greats of baseball, Hank Aaron, the man whose MLB All-time homerun record was recently surpassed (2006) by another player. A player (Barry Bonds) who is known to have used a performance enhancing substance.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Rivalries define sports. Rivalry does not equal jealousy.

Rivalry does mean or better yet causes the following to occur:
  • Passion
  • Allegiance
  • Bond

Rivalries can divide families and are something you become a part of and you don't change your stance for nothin'. If you are a New York Yankees Fan you can not in any way be a Boston Red Sox Fan. My Chicago friends say if you are a Cubs fan you can not be a White Sox fan. This is serious stuff.

Every game in sports matters but rivalry games are of utmost importance. As a Yankees fan you can set the longest winning streak record in baseball history but if you can't beat the Red Sox it doesn't matter.

So Ladies what you need to know is your man may act in a way you have never seen if this type of match-up doesn't go well. The best thing to do is make not on your calendar when these match-ups are on and know there is no way you can make plans if there is any way to view the game live.

As ESPN as listed here (and I don't necessarily agree on the order) here is a list of some of the most classic rivalries in sports. If you man's favorite team or player is the information :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

EXTRA POST - The Farefell Speech

Sssh! Ok - I lied but we will call this an EXTRA POST.

Women like emotion and the heartfelt story. Here is a link to the most touching, inspiring and .......well just watch the speech!

This isn't posted because I'm a Yankees fan.
It isn't posted because I like #4.
This isn't posted because this was the first man to ever have his jersey retired in MLB.
This is an EXTRA Sssh! Post because it explain what I originally told you in my first ever post......

"Sports (watching and playing) teaches men the qualities they need for prosperity; leadership, teamwork, communication, hard work, work ethic, believe in something larger than themselves, compassion.....and sometimes even a pay check. Women know these are all qualities they love in men. "

Sssh! Rivalries are next.......and from the perspective of a Yankees fan.

STANDINGS - Daily updates are needed

Sssh! Standings made simple.

In reference to my previous post, you can find the current MLB (Major League Baseball) standings by visiting:

Standing are simple to understand and will explain why a man may not be too happy with how their team is doing. (Note: Each major sport has a standings page on their website and many of the columns though specific to that sport are laid out out very similarly.)

Standings tell you how your team is doing in respect to everyone else in the league. It is that simple! You always want to see your name at the top. Baseball is divided into two leagues (National and American). Within those two leagues, there are three divisions in each. Why??? -mostly to make it easy for travel and so there isn't on large pile of mush when it comes to scheduling. It created rivalries and great for television too.

Each team that wins their division will play in the playoffs (this equals 6 games). The next best team in each league will make it to the playoffs too (these two teams are Wild Card teams). As the playoffs get closer you will hear all about key teams like "magic number", trade deadlines, home field advantage, and a few more. For now, here is your quick reference glossary.

Your glossary -
W= Wins
L = Loses
PCT = Your winning percentage. Basically wins divided by total games played
GB - Games behind or back (from the leader in your division). This becomes important
E# - Elimination number. This hits zero and you are dunzo!
L10 - Win/ loss record over the last 10 games you played
STRK - If you are on a winning or losing streak and how many games you have been doing it for.
HOME - Overall home record
ROAD - Overall road record
LAST GAME - against whom and record
NEXT GAME - against whom and at what time

Sssh! Rivalries are next.......

The MLB All-Star

Sssh! - The MLB All-Star game outcome DOES MATTER!

First, here is the WIFM for every woman about the MLB All-Star Game. If you want a date night with your man, there is never, ever, ever any sports game worth watching on T.V. the day after the All-Star Game. Schedule dinner, a movie, your honey-do list, anything you need from your man on that night. HINT - it is always the Wednesday following the second Tuesday in July.

Now for what matters and what you need to know about the MLB All-Star game. Simply stated (and not to doubt the intellegence of any women out there) the MLB All-Star game is a baseball game where the best of the best of baseball based on a voting process go to a pre-determined city and play a special game which doesn't effect their individual team standings.

Now you are wondering what the hype is all about??? It's an honor, an honor that not every man accomplishs. Some men like Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox wait years, hanging in there just because of the glim of hope they will one day be bestowed with the honor (Wakefield at 42 made the roster this year).

Besides an individual honor the winning league has home-field advantage during the World Series. Here is a tip so your man think you really care.......the home field advantage "award" did not start until the 2003 All-Star game. It came about because the 2002 All-Star game was called a tie (No such thing in real sports) because each league ran out of pitchers. Fans hated it, including me.

Hint, the American League won last night. If you man's favorite team is in this league, tell him your happy they have home field advantage come time for the "Fall Classic". He just might be impressed. If you don't know what league your man's team plays in visit

Sssh! Yes, I will explain what standings are in the next post.

Why Sssh?

If this blog was written for men it would be called "Shopping, shopping, shopping and her!"
Think the exact opposite and there you have why this blog has been created. Men love sports and so can you. Its not just a way to get out manly aggression or have a beer while vegging on a couch all Saturday, Sunday and Monday's (between September and December tuned-in to ESPN for something other than SportsCenter). Its a microcosm of the life men want, the life men dream of and the panoptic metaphor for everything they hope to accomplish.

Sports (watching and playing) teaches men the qualities they need for prosperity; leadership, teamwork, communication, hard work, work ethic, believe in something larger than themselves, compassion.....and sometimes even a pay check. Women know these are all qualities they love in men.
Though this blog you will hopeful learn why he loves sports and why you should too!

Sssh! The MLB All-Star Game was last night. Next, here why this game DOES matter!